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Hairstyles For Curly Girls

Check out my FIRST EVER video tutorial  “Hairstyles For Curly Girls”

Being Basic Isn't a Bad Thing

There are times when a woman feels that she can't be dared labeled as a "Basic Bitch", but is it really bad to be basic?  An Unfortunate (yet common) Case I mean, I've heard a female at my college state: "I don't walk out the house with a 'full face', I WOULDN'T DARE! Except this one time, I was running late for a final exam, and I wore my biggest sunglasses, THE ENTIRE TIME!" I didn't believe her, until the professor, confirmed it (as she was a returning student), he went on to say "Yea, She came into class with a hat and sunglasses. I respected the fact that she at least took off her hat, but she would not budge with the sunglasses. She kept them on, the entire final exam; and even left with them still on her face! I couldn't believe it." (See, Even the professor is perplexed by this phenomenon. lol) What, The...? I couldn't believe what I was hearing. granted, the girl at least justified her actions by s

Trendy Look, for Less!

There are so many times, when a woman wants to rock a new trend, probably started by Balenciaga or Prada, or even Steve Madden!  Unfortunately, these brands aren’t always so kind with their prices!  I don’t know about you, but I’d RATHER NOT, spend $50 or even $90 on a pair of shoes          There’s no reason a girl can’t look like a million bucks, without having to spend, A MILLION BUCKS!  It’s possible, to rock a trend, look expensive and keep ya coins; hun! Peep these : These have been my go to heels, all summer! I wore them to birthday celebrations, days out with the ladies, and on my own birthday (looking fabulous, might I add!)  As you seen, this trend can go for about $90 at your local Steve Madden.   But, ya girl did NOT, buy her shoes at Steve Madden (and I definitely DID NOT pay, Steve Madden, prices!)  These lovely babies, are from  And, the price?  $20! Yes doll, you read that correctly! I paid $20! That’s more than 75% off!!!!

Bargain Shopping

Who doesn't love a great deal? I know I do! I don't know a woman in the world who doesn't want to look like a celebrity, but not have to spend like one.  BEAUTY IS EXPENSIVE! Self- Proclaimed Shopaholic Ever since I've held my first   Teen Vogue   magazine, at age 13, I've been obsessed with fashion and beauty. Surfing through the pages of magazines like   Teen Vogue Seventeen Now I Subscribe to: Vogue & Glamour   Style Inspiration Many people ask me, where do I get my style ideas and inspirations from, and the only response I can give is; L I F E! Whether it's a fashion Show I see on TV, a picture in a magazine, a music video I glance upon on YouTube, or even just an everyday person walking past me on the streets; my style and outfit ideas, come from the world around me.   Ballin' On A Budget With so many various trends coming and going, whether it's a new trend that someone began, or a trend from wh

It’s Not A Bad Thing, To NOT Want Kids

You ever see a really cute child, and all you want to do, is hug them, kiss them, pinch their cheeks, and take them home. That is, until the child throws a tantrum, or yells and cries; then all of that baby fever is gone!   I've worked as a preschool teacher, for 7 years, and it was truly the most rewarding job ever! One thing I can say, it definitely made me want to wait to have kids, AND I'M STILL WAITING! 😆 ....But honestly, children are a blessing! I can wait to be a mother, but I'm truly excited about what the future has in stall for me and motherhood. 💖

DIY Hair Care

The Ingredients Coconut Milk: Hair nourishment, helps with dandruff, helps with dry and itchiness, softens and smooths hair.  Olive Oil: Helps with scalp health, assists in preventing dandruff, contains vitamin E, & promotes hair growth. Argon Oil: Hydrates curls, enhances elasticity, helps prevent breakage, as well as enhances hair growth! Coconut Oil: Promotes hair growth, helps prevent hair breakage, and it's rich in antioxidants.     Shampoo  1/4 cup of coconut milk 1/4 cup of Castile soap (for suds!) 1/2 teaspoon of virgin olive oil 20 drops of essential oil (scent) Mix all the ingredients into a 8 oz. bottle,  and shake before use. Massage a palm size amount into damp hair and rinse, thoroughly. Conditioner 1/4 cup of coconut milk 3 teaspoons of argon oil Mix all the ingredients into a 8 oz. bottle, and shake before use. Massage a palm size amount, into damp hair, after shampoo and rinse. Cover hair with a plastic cap, and let condi

Pretty in Pink

Anyone who knows me, understands that my favorite color is pink! I love wearing pink shoes, rocking pink dresses, or accessorizing with pink handbags. I really love H&M.  Ever since I discovered it in High School, it was literally the only store I shopped at, for many years. I 've even had the opportunity to work there for over a year and a half (and you KNOW I took advantage of that 25% off discount!) I love that H&M has many vibrant color items, and thankfully for me, they have tons of PINK!  Her are two outfits in which I wore a pink dress, from H&M 

Style Page

I am a woman of many talents! Fashion, being one of them. With the experience I've had as a Runway Model, as well as the fashion tips I've learned through my interactions with Models, Designers, MUA, Stylists, Bloggers, and Fashion Merchandisers; I've been able to acquire my own kind of style. A style to which, many people seem to admire! So, I've decided to share my love for fashion. Check out my Outfits, Fashion finds, and Fashion piece obsessions, by following my at @letmestyley0u

Sharing is Caring

I'm All About, Sharing the goods and putting pretty ladies on, to a good steal! I also have a closet load of clothes and shoes, that I need to get rid of! Which is why I joined: Here I will be selling clothes, shoes, and accessories. Please take a look!  


I swear by   as   THE WEBSITE   to go to, for any shopaholic who needs their fix.  It's a great way to set aside a shopping budget, and they even go as far as to learn your style, so you don't even have to bother to browse. Here is How it Works!: Make an account, including valid shipping address and valid payment option. Shoedazzle will show you a bunch of various shoes, clothes, and accessories; distinguish which one's you like most, to help them understand your style.  Every month, Shoedazzle will charge your valid payment option, $39.95 a month. This will accumulate onto your Shoedazzle account, for you to use for shopping. Can't afford to pay $39.95 this month? That's fine! Anytime between the 1st and 5th of the month, you have the option to "Skip The Month", with no penalties. Here's What I've Purchased, Thus Far:        Sign up with this link: Fashionista E's Personal Invite and get 75

Curly Journey

How It Started As a mixed race girl, with a maternal descent of Puerto Rico and a paternal descent of Trinidad and Tobago, I have a very unique texture of hair. Growing up with my Hispanic mother, she did her best to care for my hair, but unfortunately was not familiar with my hair type. She learned to braid, in order to better style and tame my hair, and it worked but eventually became very tiresome. At age 10, my mother decided to take me to my first beauty salon, and the hair stylist immediately suggested I get a relaxer. Hair Journey Beginning age 10 til age 17, I did everything imaginable to my hair, from the ritual touch-up relaxers, to bleaching my hair and dying it. I've had almost every color, that was popular among the millennial generation, from Red to   Blonde   Constantly visiting the ever so popular Dominican hair salons of NYC, I just did what they told me, and kept up with all the hair trends and chemical treatments.  Realization There

Excuses Kids Make To Avoid School

Remember the days of childhood? Playing Outside, Hanging with Friends, and Everyone's favorite... GOING TO SCHOOL (... NOT! lol) I remember trying my best to come up with tons of excuses, as to why I didn't want to go to school, whether it be faking a sickness or even lying about uncomfortable situations in school; like my friends are mean to me, or I think my teacher hates me because she picks on me. Well, not too long ago I remember reading a poem, by my favorite children's writer, Mr. Shel Silverstein, titled "Sick". It was funny and creative, and it inspired me to make this funny video.