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Bargain Shopping

Who doesn't love a great deal? I know I do! I don't know a woman in the world who doesn't want to look like a celebrity, but not have to spend like one. 

Self- Proclaimed Shopaholic
Ever since I've held my first Teen Vogue magazine, at age 13, I've been obsessed with fashion and beauty. Surfing through the pages of magazines like
Teen Vogue


Now I Subscribe to:
Vogue & Glamour

Style Inspiration
Many people ask me, where do I get my style ideas and inspirations from, and the only response I can give is; L I F E!
Whether it's a fashion Show I see on TV, a picture in a magazine, a music video I glance upon on YouTube, or even just an everyday person walking past me on the streets; my style and outfit ideas, come from the world around me.
Ballin' On A Budget
With so many various trends coming and going, whether it's a new trend that someone began, or a trend from when our parents were young; they last for but a hot minute, and then it's outdated.
So, how does a bargain beauty keep up with trends, AND keep her coins?!?!
Bargain Shopping!

For instance, check out this website: 

They have cute clothes like, shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, and accessories; at very affordable prices!
That is not even the best part: Romwe has something called "Lightning Deals", where customers have the opportunity to shop through a limited quantity of 10- 20 pre selected pieces of clothing, that are 
 You read that, correctly.... shirts, shorts,pants, ANYTHING!

FOR $1.99!

But, you have to move fast! the deals are as lightning, as they sound. each piece has a very limited quantity available on a first come first serve basis, and the $1.99 deal only lasts for 24 hours. In order to take advantage of this steal, you must shop, select, and purchase; ALL IN THE SAME DAY!  After the 24 hours are up, the items are priced back to their original prices, and a new set of items is picked for the lightning deal.   


Gotta See It, To Believe It

Now, I know some people may be slightly skeptical, and I was myself, that is until I gave it a try. I was home, bored (exactly how most women, begin shopping online, lol) and I saw an ad for Romwe, on Instagram. I clicked on it and it prompted me to download the app (I love any company that has an app!!) Once the download was complete, I made a quick account, and then B O O M! Romwe advertises it's $1.99 Lightning Deals! With prices like that, I couldn't resist,and I just had to check it out; and I was not disappointed.



I was not only excited to snag some cute summer pieces, but also ecstatic to be able to say my outfit was only $3.98!!! I bet not one celebrity can brag about those details! According to them, $300 designer stilettos "Are Such A Steal!"  Girl, Bye!😒  


Be Smart!

          Be Savvy!

                  Shop Romwe!  


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