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Being Basic Isn't a Bad Thing

There are times when a woman feels that she can't be dared labeled as a "Basic Bitch", but is it really bad to be basic? 

An Unfortunate (yet common) Case
I mean, I've heard a female at my college state: "I don't walk out the house with a 'full face', I WOULDN'T DARE! Except this one time, I was running late for a final exam, and I wore my biggest sunglasses, THE ENTIRE TIME!" I didn't believe her, until the professor, confirmed it (as she was a returning student), he went on to say "Yea, She came into class with a hat and sunglasses. I respected the fact that she at least took off her hat, but she would not budge with the sunglasses. She kept them on, the entire final exam; and even left with them still on her face! I couldn't believe it." (See, Even the professor is perplexed by this phenomenon. lol)

What, The...?
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. granted, the girl at least justified her actions by saying she's a makeup artist, and her face is her advertisement of work. I just think it's sad that this woman was not wearing ANY MAKEUP AT ALL and felt that it was going to make her lose business, as a makeup artist. Not a crooked eyeliner, or a raccoon smokey eye, but her NATURAL FACE! Honey... 😥 Since when was a woman's natural beauty, a bad thing? The face your mama, gave you! 

Natural Beauty
I know many makeup artists, and they will agree with me, when I say; You have to love the beauty that you have, before you can truly master the beauty of enhancing it (with makeup). You think your kindergarten crush fell in love with the way you looked with your hair done or your lip gloss? (lol) IT WAS THAT NATURAL BEAUTY, HONEY! It suits you, better than any makeup you can possibly buy. 

I mean, I'm sure many of you, have seen this meme, going around....

Just look at that beauty, SHINING THROUGH!! 

f l a w l e s s 

Love Yourself  
 Ladies, you've got to love the skin that you are in! I don't mean to sound like a gimmick, but it's the honest truth! If you can't appreciate your natural beauty, who else will? 

Love yourself 💕


  1. Not at all but you never have to worry about that you far from
    Basic pretty lady


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