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Sharing is Caring

I'm All About, Sharing the goods and putting pretty ladies on, to a good steal!
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I also have a closet load of clothes and shoes, that I need to get rid of! Which is why I joined:
Here I will be selling clothes, shoes, and accessories. Please take a look!


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Quarantine Affirmation Message

Hey Sis!  How you doin’ over there? How are you holding up? I’m sure, like most people, you’re quarantined due to the ‘Rona, but I promise that it’s for the best.  You got to hang in there. I’m sure most days, you probably look like this;  But, don’t forget that you originated as a BAD BITCH, and you’re able to look like this: So you got this 💪🏽 I believe in you 👏🏽 Stay inside now 👇🏽 So, you can come out Slayin’ later ✊🏽