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I swear by 
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to go to, for any shopaholic who needs their fix. 
It's a great way to set aside a shopping budget, and they even go as far as to learn your style, so you don't even have to bother to browse.

Here is How it Works!:
  • Make an account, including valid shipping address and valid payment option.
  • Shoedazzle will show you a bunch of various shoes, clothes, and accessories; distinguish which one's you like most, to help them understand your style.
  •  Every month, Shoedazzle will charge your valid payment option, $39.95 a month. This will accumulate onto your Shoedazzle account, for you to use for shopping.
  • Can't afford to pay $39.95 this month? That's fine! Anytime between the 1st and 5th of the month, you have the option to "Skip The Month", with no penalties.
Here's What I've Purchased, Thus Far:


Sign up with this link:
and get 75% off your first purchase, after joining VIP at checkout!


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