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Trendy Look, for Less!

There are so many times, when a woman wants to rock a new trend, probably started by Balenciaga or Prada, or even Steve Madden! 
Unfortunately, these brands aren’t always so kind with their prices! 

I don’t know about you, but I’d RATHER NOT, spend $50 or even $90 on a pair of shoes 

There’s no reason a girl can’t look like a million bucks, without having to spend, A MILLION BUCKS! 

It’s possible, to rock a trend, look expensive and keep ya coins; hun!

Peep these:

These have been my go to heels, all summer! I wore them to birthday celebrations, days out with the ladies, and on my own birthday (looking fabulous, might I add!) 
As you seen, this trend can go for about $90 at your local Steve Madden. 

 But, ya girl did NOT, buy her shoes at Steve Madden (and I definitely DID NOT pay, Steve Madden, prices!) 

These lovely babies, are from 

And, the price? 

Yes doll, you read that correctly! I paid $20! That’s more than 75% off!!!!! 

Can you say: 
Diva on a Budget


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