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Excuses Kids Make To Avoid School

Remember the days of childhood? Playing Outside, Hanging with Friends, and Everyone's favorite... GOING TO SCHOOL (... NOT! lol)

I remember trying my best to come up with tons of excuses, as to why I didn't want to go to school, whether it be faking a sickness or even lying about uncomfortable situations in school; like my friends are mean to me, or I think my teacher hates me because she picks on me.

Well, not too long ago I remember reading a poem, by my favorite children's writer, Mr. Shel Silverstein, titled "Sick". It was funny and creative, and it inspired me to make this funny video.


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I’m sure, like most of the World 🌎  You’ve probably started a TikTok account.... and like everyone else, you’re also addicted to making the hilarious lip syncing videos, that the Japanese originated app, has to offer. With that being said, enjoy the following video, of me as “Ms. Savage”. SHARE, LIKE, AND FOLLOW! Instagram: @Ericaz_World TikTok: @MixxedChickOnDeck Thanks 😊