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New York Bridal Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is one of Fashion's biggest events, and many designers plan their entire collection, on the cities most fashionable occasion. This year, for three days, I've had the opportunity to work as a fashion show dresser with two different Bridal designers; Limor Rosen from Israel and Beccar from Hong Kong.

I was working at a popular, bridal couture event, known as Bridal Market. Bridal Market is a multi day event in which various bridal gown designers, come to New York City, with 20 to 50 of their newest designs. During this time, designers are known to rent out studios, hotel rooms, or even booths at events like; "One Fine Day: Bridal Market"

At Bridal Market, Sales Reps, Boutique Owners, and even Brides; attend intimate fashion shows, in hopes of making a purchase. I worked with designer Limor Rosen at the Warwick Hotel in Midtown, New York, for 2 days; October 7 and 8. On Tuesday October 9th, I worked at "One Fine Day: Bridal Market" with designer Beccar, at Studio 450, on 31st Street in Manhattan. 

As a dresser, my job was to assist Models with perfectly putting on and changing out of various Wedding Dresses. Depending on the amount of gowns, each intimate show took about 15 to 20 minutes, to fully showcase all the designs. 

 Bridal Market happens in New York City, every April and October, and having the pleasure to work with amazing designers is such a great opportunity; and I can't wait til next year, to do it again!


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