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H&M Studio Spring 2019

Each season H&M releases it's beautiful collection known as Studio. These collections consist of exclusive luxury pieces, at affordable prices, but of course expensive for H&M's typical price point. This H&M Studio Spring 2019 season has released a collection of earth tone colors like black, mustard yellow, and burnt orange. It also includes the ever so popular zebra print in various colors , because otherwise it wouldn't be fashion.      Fashion always has an inspiration, and this season's H&M Studio Spring 2019, gives me a safari vibe. They may have khaki materials but they didn't forget about the vibrant babes, out there, with pieces that allow you to go from day to night, in a simple change... go from.... Whoa! to Wham! I know that H&M has been in some hot water for their ad choices, but you have to admit, their collections are amazing!