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My First Set of Eyebrows

If you're like me, you have constantly struggled, with trying to hop on the eyebrow band wagon. 😒

But, No Fret, My Friend!

Because, dare I say, that I have found the perfect eyebrow tools 👏

 (and yes, I've decided to share it, with you!)

Like many girls, I've spent much of my time, watching You Tube tutorials, on how to create the PERFECT eyebrow. I've tried and tried, and many times, I have failed. 

I assumed it was due to my lack of practice, but the makeup lover in me, insisted that I was just using the wrong materials. Well, I have finally created my best pair of eyebrows yet, and not only did I want to share it with you, I'm sure my makeup divas might ask, what I used. 

So, Without further delay... 
The Eyebrows: 

(Cute! Right?)

Here's What I Used
  • Revlon: "Brow Fantasy" by Color Stay (Dark Brown)Pencil

  • E.L.F: "Wow Brow" Brow Gel 

1. Using the Pencil, I drew my outline.
2. Then I shaded in the most noticeable spaces. (Being sure, not to use too much, to avoid looking pasted down 😑)
3. Finally using the brow gel, I brushed the brow, to give it a more natural look, and to also give some "stray hairs", more depth.
And, Boom! 💥



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