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How To Cop A Telfar

If you’re like every other, self proclaimed fashionista, you’ve been trying to get your hands on a Telfar Shopping Bag. Which unfortunately, sell out in MINUTES!!! (Hence the PSA message, on the top of their web page)  Not everyone is lucky, and although I was late to the Telfar Train (all aboard!! If you’ve haven’t, already), I’ve been able to obtain every Telfar, I’ve attempted to acquire.  Here’s My Collection:  Shopping Bag Prices range from $150 for a SMALL, $202 for a MEDIUM, and $257 for a LARGE. Shopping Bag drops have typically occurred at 12pm EST, on a weekly or bi- weekly basis.  Here are my tips and tricks, on copping a TELFEEZY! Create an account on  Telfar  with all your information, including shipping address.  Pre- Save Card information on your device  If using  KLARNA  (where you can break up your one time payment, into 4 easy payments), add the site to your favorites and pre- save your card and address, there! Sign into site by 11:58am EST ** DO THIS USING KLARNA WEB

Protective Hairstyles: Wigs

  I love a Good Protective Hairstyle! As a Mixed Girl, with 4B type hair, My hair has always been a S T R U G G L E! My Mom relaxed my hair, as a kid, and for the next 7 years I kept up with "touch- ups". It was to the point that I was able to do my own relaxer touch ups, at age 14! YES! included with the blow dry, flat iron, and doobie wrap.   Once attending a more diverse high school, I learned to love my hair, AND MYSELF! Thus bringing me into he world of Fashion. While working in Fashion, I was exposed to weaves, extensions, braids, and wigs. Some, I fell in love with, and others, I still can't get (I'm looking at you, LACE FRONT WIGS!) 🤣 Then, came my introduction to Synthetic Wigs 😍 I've found some online, and others in my neighborhood Beauty Supply Store. I'm a STRONG BELIEVER, that sharing is caring; so below are some pictures and links, to some of my favorite   AFFORDABLE (Under $50) Synthetic Wigs. ( Links are to Amazon, or to Google Maps, for info