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How To Cop A Telfar

If you’re like every other, self proclaimed fashionista, you’ve been trying to get your hands on a Telfar Shopping Bag. Which unfortunately, sell out in MINUTES!!! (Hence the PSA message, on the top of their web page) 

Not everyone is lucky, and although I was late to the Telfar Train (all aboard!! If you’ve haven’t, already), I’ve been able to obtain every Telfar, I’ve attempted to acquire. 

Here’s My Collection: 

Shopping Bag Prices range from $150 for a SMALL, $202 for a MEDIUM, and $257 for a LARGE. Shopping Bag drops have typically occurred at 12pm EST, on a weekly or bi- weekly basis. 

Here are my tips and tricks, on copping a TELFEEZY!

  • Create an account on Telfar with all your information, including shipping address. 
  • Pre- Save Card information on your device 
  • If using KLARNA (where you can break up your one time payment, into 4 easy payments), add the site to your favorites and pre- save your card and address, there!
  • Sign into site by 11:58am EST ** DO THIS USING KLARNA WEB BROWSER, IF PAYING WITH KLARNA**(Shopping Bag drop, will immediately be available at 12pm EST) and click on the bag, at 12.
  • Upon adding to your cart, waste no time checking out, as some bags have sold out while sitting in peoples shopping carts. 
  • *SPECIAL OPTIONAL TIP*: Download the Shop App to track your order, with accurate GPS information. (They typically use FedEx, so having FedEx App and an account, will be useful too)
Happy Shopping, Telfar Cuties 🥰


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