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Protective Hairstyles: Wigs

 I love a Good Protective Hairstyle!

As a Mixed Girl, with 4B type hair, My hair has always been a S T R U G G L E! My Mom relaxed my hair, as a kid, and for the next 7 years I kept up with "touch- ups". It was to the point that I was able to do my own relaxer touch ups, at age 14! YES! included with the blow dry, flat iron, and doobie wrap. 

 Once attending a more diverse high school, I learned to love my hair, AND MYSELF! Thus bringing me into he world of Fashion. While working in Fashion, I was exposed to weaves, extensions, braids, and wigs. Some, I fell in love with, and others, I still can't get (I'm looking at you, LACE FRONT WIGS!) 🤣

Then, came my introduction to Synthetic Wigs 😍 I've found some online, and others in my neighborhood Beauty Supply Store.

I'm a STRONG BELIEVER, that sharing is caring; so below are some pictures and links, to some of my favorite

 AFFORDABLE (Under $50)

Synthetic Wigs.

(Links are to Amazon, or to Google Maps, for information and how and where to acquire)

Curly Wig (Amazon)

Short Bob With Bang (Amazon)

Wigs and Plus (NYC Store)









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